FAQ Content Service in Lagos

Question based content to boost your relevance, topical authority and rankings.
FAQ Content Service

What is the FAQ Content Service?

To grasp our FAQ Content Service in Lagos, it’s essential to understand how Google connects different topics. Suppose you have a page discussing “apples.” In that case, Google must determine whether you are referring to the fruit or the tech company, which is accomplished through Entities.

Google employs a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to analyze content and assign Entities based on word relationships. For instance, the fruit apple will be linked with related Entities such as “fruit,” “food,” “health,” and so on, whereas the company Apple will be associated with Entities such as “iPad,” “technology,” “iPhone,” and so forth.

Add FAQ content to existing articles

You can enhance topical relevance at the article level by adding FAQ content to your existing articles, which will provide Google with the answers to questions it seeks, thereby boosting your rankings.

Adding New Supporting Content

By adding new FAQ content to your site, you can improve topical relevance at both the site and silo levels, providing Google with the answers it needs to comprehensively cover the topics in your niche.

Capture more featured snippets

Incorporating more question-based content into your website significantly enhances your chances of capturing the featured snippet, and with this approach, you may also show up in the "People Also Asked" feature of the SERPs.

Reverse Engineering Google

We use Google’s own technology to reverse engineer what questions that it expects to see to show authority, typically uncovering way more keyword opportunities than traditional keyword tools.

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Updated Content.

FAQ Content Service

Updating Existing Content

We leverage the power of the Google NLP algorithm to analyze the entities that Google associates with your top pages. Using this information, we extract highly relevant questions from the People Also Ask box and incorporate them into your existing pages. To signal to Google that this content is in a Q&A format, we add the appropriate FAQ schema markup.

This approach not only enhances Google’s understanding of your content but also triggers the “answer box” feature for pages already ranking on the first page, thereby increasing your presence on the SERPs.

Bespoke Content.

Adding New Supporting Content

Using the Google NLP algorithm, we analyze your entire site to identify the entities that Google associates with it. Based on this information, we compile a list of primary questions that are highly relevant to your current content. We also delve into the sub-questions for each primary question to provide comprehensive and detailed answers that align with what Google expects to see.

FAQ Content Service
FAQ Content Service

What makes this effective?

The reason why this method is effective is that we utilize Google’s proprietary technology to analyze and determine the specific questions that are essential for establishing your authority.

Moreover, we have discovered that more than 80% of the questions listed in the “People Also Ask” section are suitable for Featured Snippets, which means that a single article has the potential to rank for multiple Featured Snippets.

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What makes this exceptional?

The questions we discover through this process are often highly specific, or long-tail, making it less likely that your competitors will have directly answered them.

Moreover, many traditional keyword research tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush lack a comprehensive database of such questions. 

As most website owners rely on these tools for their keyword research, they are likely to miss out on these questions altogether.

FAQ Content Service

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