White Label for Agencies

White Label for Digital Agencies

We take pride in providing the most extensive white label for agencies from content creation, On-page and Off-page SEO services for digital agencies, which requires minimal involvement from your end. You can set your own profit margin on our already affordable prices and earn monthly revenue.

Choose your margin

We offer excellent value through our services, which not only feature highly competitive prices but also come with a host of added benefits, ensuring a hassle-free experience from keyword research to content uploading and beyond. You have the freedom to set your own markup on our services, as our prices remain consistent.

Specialist in-house writers

Our in-house writers are dedicated solely to writing content for the web. This focused approach allows our team to avoid distractions and produce exceptional content that is optimized for the web. We provide our writers with training to enhance their writing skills and ensure that they create outstanding content.

One point of contact

Tired of constantly guiding freelancers and managing administrative tasks? By teaming up with Seolagos, you can centralize all your content and link building outsourcing needs with a single point of contact. We handle everything under one roof and guarantee timely and consistent delivery every time.

End to End Services

We provide a fully hands-off experience with our services. Our content service encompasses keyword research, content creation, and uploading directly to the client's website. Our Link Building Services involve keyword research, prospecting, manual outreach, and live reporting. You have the flexibility to participate in the process as much or as little as you prefer.

More time

White Label for Digital Agencies

More time to focus on growing your agency

Running an agency can pose difficulties in managing staffing and capacity, with business demand often fluctuating. It can be challenging to determine when to hire more staff. One approach to address this is by utilizing a flexible workforce of freelancers. However, managing this process can also be time-consuming and problematic.

You can now put those challenges aside and concentrate on growing your agency, as we offer a solution. We provide a single point of contact for all your clients’ needs, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple freelancers. Our one-stop-shop delivers high-quality services, promptly and consistently each month.

Professional Writers

Professional In-house Writers

All of our writers are native English speakers. They possess qualifications in creative writing, English literature, or journalism. Our in-house training equips them with the skills to craft persuasive copy that is tailored for the web.

White Label for Digital Agencies
White Label for Digital Agencies

Your price, your choice

We offer a fixed cost for our products, allowing you to determine the precise profit margin for each client. You have the freedom to select the price at which you offer our services to your customers, and set your own profit margin.

Our products provide exceptional value, enabling you to charge a fair rate to your clients while still maintaining a healthy profit.

Bespoke Content

More than just content and links

Our products extend beyond just content and links, providing comprehensive solutions that allow you to delegate even more of your workload to us. Our white label for agencies service include keyword research, content uploading to the client’s website, prospecting, outreach, and much more, all included within the same fixed price.

White Label for Digital Agencies

Dedicated Manager

White Label for Digital Agencies

A dedicated account manager

At Seolagos, regardless of the product you choose, you will always have a dedicated point of contact to assist with any queries or specific client requests. Our team is readily available to jump on a video call with you to discuss options or develop a strategy tailored to your needs.